Issue One: Ravenstahl's performance

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

He answers to us

After watching Mayor Luke Ravenstahl's childish tantrum on TV, I felt someone should inform the mayor that he works for the people of Pittsburgh ("Mayor Gets Testy About Whereabouts," Feb. 17).

If a member of the media, on behalf of the citizens of Pittsburgh, wants to know where the mayor is Monday through Friday and especially during disasters like this snow, he should be required to tell them. Our tax dollars pay his salary. He answers to the public and, considering his tantrum, clearly he is not aware of this.




Impeach him

Major snow disaster, impassable streets, accidents all over the city, and our mayor was at his birthday party in Seven Springs. Chicago Mayor Michael Anthony Bilandic famously lost in the 1979 Democratic primary after he failed miserably at a snow cleanup that winter, leaving the city all but paralyzed.

In New York, Mayor John Lindsay lost the Republican mayoral primary when challenged by a huge snowstorm in 1969. Although he won re-election as an independent candidate, he was politically damaged. His administration's inefficient response, particularly in the far-flung districts, was proof, many residents said, that he cared only about Manhattan. Does this sound familiar?

People are calling for Luke Ravenstahl's removal -- when we vote him out in four years. But why do we have to wait so long? He has failed terribly in his responsibilities to protect the citizens of Pittsburgh. Isn't that reason enough to start the impeachment process? Let's get rid of this guy now.


Squirrel Hill


Give him a break

I have had it up to my ears with hearing all the complaints about Mayor Luke Ravenstahl! Everyone needs to realize that this series of snowstorms was an act of God! Regardless of where the mayor is, or was, on any given day, does not change the fact that we got "dumped" on! Could we really have been 100 percent prepared for that storm?

Let's give Mayor Ravenstahl a break, and try to figure out a better system should this happen again. I don't even live in the city, and I am appalled at the way this whole event is being handled, not only by City Council, but by the media as well.

And Mr. Mayor, no one needs to know what kind of socks or underwear you wear -- TMI (too much information)!





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