Consider the challenges utility workers face

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

I felt compelled to respond to the two letters last Sunday berating Duquesne Light and Allegheny Power for their response to the storm-caused outages ("Lengthy Power Outages Are Not Acceptable" and "Inexcusable Outages," Feb 14).

Live people respond to these outages. They face the same challenges as do the general public in getting to work and driving on unplowed roads with trees down, abandoned automobiles and other hazards. Once there, they have to go back out on these roads and seek out the damage by walking through thigh-high snow in the bitter cold.

An electrical lineman's job ranks in the top 10 of America's most dangerous professions. There are necessary precautions that must be taken before repairs are initiated. Many times trees need to be cut off the lines before repairs can be made. Letter writer John Kichi stated this is because the power line is poorly located or the power company failed to trim the trees. The more likely cause is someone planted a tree too near the right of way and never paid anyone to trim it. If the power company does trim it, the owners complain because they think their trees look butchered. If you look through the archives of this paper, I am sure you will find letters to the editor complaining about this issue.

We were without heat, cooking appliances and hot water for four days. My 86-year-old mother lives with us and is on oxygen. It wasn't the best situation, but we managed.

Our power is provided by Allegheny Power, and I am thankful that they continued to work at getting us restored, even if it took four days.


North Strabane


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