'Burb cluelessness

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

It's nice that letter writer Larry Duncan ("Your Responsibility," Feb. 17) was able to adequately prepare for the light dusting we received. Too bad his recommendations for all us "selfish, egotistical, ignorant degenerates" are entirely ridiculous given the circumstances of the affected people.

Suburban life must be great. Just a little inconvenience for you. Just go out to the garage and grab some firewood. Too bad those of us in Mount Washington, Shadyside and Oakland don't have fireplaces. I'll be sure to stock up on kerosene and a new kerosene heater, once my landlord allows them. Oh, and while we're at it, we'll have to remember to ask him to add some extra closets and cupboards to store my gallons of drinking water in my apartment, and pots of stockpiled water to flush my toilet.

Those of us in Pittsburgh proper pay an exorbitant amount of income, property and sales taxes, and I think we have a right to expect our utilities to work and roads to be plowed. Safety issues extend beyond just having power out and no running water.

When ambulances and police can't respond to health emergencies, related to the weather or not, that is a big issue. But thanks for your condescending suggestions from the 'burbs.


Mount Washington


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