Shame on Specter

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

On Tuesday, I heard Sen. Arlen Specter say in the Senate that he did not want to place an "undue burden" on business, and I couldn't believe my ears. It is working families who are burdened by what Wall Street and Big Business have done with their shortsighted and greedy practices. They do not need their power protected so they can do more damage.

Workers with a united voice would be a counterbalance to their power and that's why we need the Employee Free Choice Act ("Specter to Deliver Key Vote Against Unions," March 25). Working men and women who want to exercise their right to organize without harassment, intimidation or being fired, so that they can have a decent wage and health care, are not a burden. They are the foundation and backbone of our country and economy, unlike the parasites who currently run Big Business and Wall Street.

Decent wages and health care equal burden? But jets, bailouts and bonuses equal no burden? Sen. Specter should be ashamed.



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