Unpopular truth

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

In a culture that promotes sex outside of marriage, allows unborn children to receive a death sentence for the crime of being inconvenient and sees pornography slither into the mainstream, it is refreshing to read the words of Pope Benedict on condoms ("On His Africa Trip, Pope Says Condoms Won't Solve AIDS Crisis," March 18).

The Holy Father's message of sexual restraint is not a popular one. Indeed, when has the gospel of Jesus been popular? I am proud that he speaks the truth, especially when it is unpopular. How easy it is to remain silent.

People are given the gift of free will. If they choose to participate in immoral sexual activities, there are consequences. Encouraging people to use condoms to minimize the worst effects of behavior that in itself impoverished their lives is to fail them. Fidelity, monogamy and abstinence are very tall orders indeed, as Tony Norman in his misguided March 20 column mentioned. Christianity should call, encourage and challenge people to be their very best. The pope and the Catholic Church consistently have issued this challenge. Popular or not, the truth remains unchanging.

North Huntingdon


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