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Written by Rosa Colucci on .

I read the PG thoroughly every day. In doing so recently, articles on various subjects, although bizarre, never raised my blood pressure. However, the front-page article "Rendell: Probe PLCB Pact" (March 12) did!

I worked (I'm now retired) for a bank that also decided its employees needed better skills in conversing with its customers (I was one of those employees). The bank's solution was this: Inform the employee what is required, give each a memo on how to accomplish that and tell them to be aware that "shoppers" hired from an outside source would confront them in person or by phone and determine or rate how the employee performed. Based on the results, salary increases were determined and possible transfers or dismissals were considered and the report became part of the annual review of the employee.

The cost? Memo paper, mailings and fees to the "shoppers company" for their reports. Best guess for this method of evaluating around 2,500 employees -- $10,000 -- a far distance from the $173,000 cost the Pennsylvanian Liquor Control Board will pay to "educate" 3,000 PLCB employees.

I'll tell you what. Give me an inflated fee of $50,000, saving the agency $123,000, and I'll obtain the same results as the contractor, Solutions 21. And I have no one associated with the PLCB or the state government.




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