City leaders punishing the innocent

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Recently, Pittsburgh City Council enacted an ordinance that makes city residents guilty of a criminal offense if an intruder illegally enters their residence and steals a gun and they fail to report its loss in a "timely" manner. No mention was made of any effort or requirement to identify, apprehend or punish the perpetrator.

What happened to the concept of protecting the innocent and punishing the guilty?

Then I read that a new Pittsburgh council ordinance makes property owners, a.k.a. landlords, responsible for the actions of their tenants subject to escalating fines for repeat disturbances. Obviously council did not consider the cost and difficulties of executing an eviction process, nor did council consider the legalities of violating lease agreements.

Finally, I find that, if I lived in the city, I would be in violation of a new proposed city ordinance that makes it illegal to display padded indoor furniture on my porch, regardless of how much this furniture costs. Apparently there is an arsonist lying in wait to torch upholstered chairs in the middle of Main Street. So much for civil liberties.

I don't think that Pittsburgh City Council realizes that, constitutionally, laws are for everyone, not just straw-purchase gun dealers, not just for deadbeat landlords and certainly not for some resident of Oakland who happens to have an overstuffed sofa on his porch!


Baldwin Borough


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