Missing self-reliance

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

During World War II, grammar school pupils and just about every other person was encouraged to sell U.S. Savings Bonds and stamps for the war effort.

Should we as a nation be turning to overseas sources to buy treasuries to fund our "stimulus" or should we look to ourselves because we have been reared to say "God helps them who help themselves"?

If this were accomplished, only the part not self-financed would be sold to foreign investors such as China, or the funds generated could be used to reduce our debt to China or reduce the risk of runaway inflation.

Does it serve our best interests internationally to have Hillary Clinton going around the world with a hat out on our national behalf?

At age 76, I can remember, as a little boy, going to school with a lot of money in a brown paper lunch bag - money for bonds and stamps!

Have we forgotten? The war we are in is an economic and military one. Where is our patriotism today?




Squirrel Hill




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