Memory gardens

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

The April 11 letter "This Was a Time to Turn Out for True Heroes" caused me to think of the many different ways that mourners show grief and respect after a death. Visitations with the families, participation in services and memorial offerings are among those obvious ways.

The black ribbons and wreaths in honor of the three police officers who were killed will soon tatter and fall, or be removed, but soon, more permanent monuments will be erected.

Area residents who did not personally know these three officers have come to know them through their sacrifice, and many want to continue to remember and honor them in their own ways.

During this traditional season of hope - when spring comes to life in our area - I suggest that as we plant our gardens or flower boxes, we might designate three plants or trees or even three tiny seeds as our own small memorials throughout our neighborhoods.

Marked with a small handmade sign or unmarked but remembered within our own household, the blossoms that come to life all around the area can serve as private and public reminders of the beauty of the officers' lives. A quiet prayer, children and neighbors holding hands in a circle around the plants, or just a gardener's very personal and quiet moment of reflection after the planting can serve as a powerful memory in our hearts and gardens throughout the area and throughout the summer or for years to come.








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