Filling a gap

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Every time I hear about physicians leaving the state due to malpractice insurance costs, I wonder when I am going to hear that any physicians would be more willing to share the risk associated with caring for patients. It seems that time has finally come, according to Don McCoy of the Pennsylvania Medical Society ("Law Gives Prescription Power To State's Nurse-Midwives," April 11).

It had seemed that physicians would rather pay higher premiums than allow other practitioners to compete for their services.

This new law allowing nurse-midwives to provide the necessary medical care for patients choosing a reasonable alternative to a doctor's care is long overdue. As cited by Mr. McCoy, the nurse-midwives will fill a gap left by physicians leaving the state and is a benefit to Pennsylvanians.

If there were additional options made available and physicians began sharing responsibilities in other areas of care, perhaps they would start seeing a decline in those high insurance premiums. This is a long-overdue but good start to addressing the many health-care issues facing our state.




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