PG, have you taken a look around lately?

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Marring the riverfront? PG, open your blind eyes and take a good, long look ... both at the waterfronts and in the mirror. Topped with the header "Signs of Distaste," an April 20 PG editorial claims the casino's billboards could "mar the riverfront."

The proposed jumbotron electronic billboards will do nothing but add a little glitz to an overly drab riverfront otherwise reminiscent of the Great Depression.

As for "marring the riverfront," have you actually looked at the banks (or "shores," if you're among the pretentious crowd) of the three rivers lately? Excepting the frontage of the stadium and ballpark and around the Point where the waterfront has been developed ... there's nothing but a mess elsewhere.

And how dare you cite "advertising" per city codes as an eyesore.

As I drove crosstown recently, I noticed the large "Pittsburgh Post-Gazette" lettering on your building -- an icon, but only a few others that readily identify the key organizations or businesses that keep the city's pulse beating, money flowing and pride intact.

So what if the jumbotrons at the casino will feature gaming-related events -- the convention center and city sports venues already do the same, and have you never been to Times Square?

Why not merely lobby to halt any and all public advertising, even if it's a passive identifier like yours? Then close everything, and have everybody move to Cleveland or Detroit. They could use small-minded thinking such as yours. And oh ... don't forget to turn off the lights as you're leaving.




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