The PG has failed to be objective about gun ownership

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

I am the statewide coordinator for the 2009 Second Amendment Second to None Rally in Harrisburg as well as chairman of Firearms Owners Against Crime and legislative chairman for the Allegheny County Sportsmen's League.

After reading your editorial in favor of more oppressive gun control ("Fitting Tribute: The Way to Honor Fallen Officers Is Good Gun Laws," April 21), I cannot begin to describe how disappointing your lack of objectivity and your predisposition to advance the agenda of the governor, the mayor of Pittsburgh and City Council is. For an entity that wraps itself in the First Amendment to show such disdain for the truth is insulting to the views and opinions of the citizens and many of your customers.

Our 2009 rally demonstrated that the "people" and citizens of Pennsylvania do not support being held to blame for crimes committed by criminals! Neither do we accept that so-called reasonable gun controls (who established that standard and where is the "proof" they work?) are as stated or are applicable to the needs of societal safety.

Your willingness to embrace the outpouring of tortured propaganda from groups like the Violence Policy Center and others who shave statistics like delis in the supermarket is reprehensible. When we talk with legislators we give them the complete facts from irrefutable sources like the Justice Department, the National Academy of Sciences and many others without the insufferable wordsmithing your newspaper is so fond of regurgitating.

We win in Harrisburg because "we" do not manipulate facts with legislators.

"Assault weapons" come in many forms, and the Founding Fathers felt that the ones that shoot ink are far more dangerous than the ones that shoot lead. The truth, freedom of speech and expression of the people have suffered in your paper as well as in your coverage of gun control. King Henry VIII and Stalin would have applauded "your reasonableness" and your editorial.




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