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Written by Rosa Colucci on .

The uproar from parents over the Allderdice policy of suspending students for getting caught in the hallways without a pass provides a great example of why our schools are failing. The parents are upset because the suspension taints the student's record and may have a negative impact on the student's college applications ("Allderdice Parents Decry Suspensions," April 16). They are attempting to force the school to change the policy.

A better approach, which all parents of my generation would have applied, would be to support the school's rules, expect the students to follow the rules and punish them yourself if they got suspended for violating the rules.

In my years at North Catholic in the 1960s we were not allowed to roam the halls without a hall pass. If you did so you got a demerit, which showed up on your report card. Nobody roamed the halls. You couldn't get off by claiming you were "running a few minutes late for class." Everyone followed the rules because everyone, including the school staff, parents and students, knew the rules were always enforced.

While there may be room for some discussion regarding the severity of the punishment for breaking the rule, if you follow the rule there is no punishment. Expect nothing from your children and that's what you will get.




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