Torturers must be held accountable

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Regarding "Tortured Past" (April 21 editorial): Can you imagine the Post-Gazette publishing an editorial in which it advocated that the best way to deal with a spate of child molestations was not to investigate and prosecute the perpetrators, but to form an independent and bipartisan commission to ... to ... to do whatever those commissions do -- whitewashing being their primary purpose.

The laws that were broken by American torturers (and let's be honest, we're talking first and foremost of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney) are among the most important laws we have. They are the ones that keep us among the civilized societies of the world rather than allowing us to descend into the darkness of totalitarianism.

The editors at the Post-Gazette should at least be intellectually and morally honest. Do you believe in the rule of law or the rule of men? Are the laws against torture good laws or bad laws? If torture isn't a big deal, just say so and advocate for a repeal of all the many laws and treaties the United States has enacted and signed that outlaw it and require that we investigate and prosecute where credible evidence exists of its having occurred.

Simple really, unless of course you believe in a two-tier system of justice.

How laughable that the very day the Post-Gazette publishes this piece of tortured reasoning, a rail-thin, teen-aged Somali "pirate" is hauled into this country, where all men are equal under the law, to face the unflinching and impartial hand of American justice. It must make all of you on the editorial board very, very proud.


North Side


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