Ridiculous notions

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Regarding Linda Wilson Fuoco's May 16 column on kitten season ("Let's End 'Kitten' Season"), I have some strong opposition to her stance on two of her statements. First, her statement "if your cat never leaves the house, it really doesn't matter if it's intact" is absurd. Cats are known for escaping out of open doors, cats go to veterinarians, cats go to groomers and catteries, and some cats even travel with their owners.

If a cat is extremely ill, he or she will seek every opportunity to escape in order to run off, hide and die in peace. Cats can smell the scent of a potential mate from a large distance. There is no compassionate option for keeping a cat intact with thousands of felines who are being euthanized.

Ms. Fuoco's statement that responsible breeders don't produce a litter unless they have a waiting list of people who want their pups or kittens is full of loopholes and blatantly ridiculous. There are no "responsible breeders" in a climate where shelters all across America are full of desirable, homeless animals who get euthanized for lack of homes.

In addition, how can a breeder determine how many "living" newborns will be produced? Even if a breeder had an ultrasound, there is no guarantee that the number is accurate or that those fetuses will survive. Shelter and private or breed-specific rescue organizations have dogs and cats who are already born and ready to be adopted. They don't need competition from breeders who want to bring more into the world just to make a quick buck!




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