Murphy's stand

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

With the first ever federal global warming bill out of committee, Americans have a historic opportunity to move forward in the transition to alternative energies. The bill lays groundwork that will create millions of jobs, providing a much-needed boon to our faltering economy.

With such practical and common-sense benefits, it seems obvious that this bill will finally end the decade-long wait for progressive action toward a respectable environmental policy in the world community. So, one can only wonder what Rep. Tim Murphy was thinking when he voted against the bill in the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Perhaps he knows that Pennsylvania is the third-largest contributor to global warming pollution, behind only Texas and California, and didn't want to upset the "status quo." Perhaps he was enamored by the millions of dollars spent on more than 2,000 lobbyists by oil companies to keep the cash flowing.

Whatever the reason, Rep. Murphy should know that his constituents have the common sense to support this bill, and that he will face them directly as he tries to explain away his lack of foresight in voting against a historic and obviously beneficial bill.



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