True inclusion

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

On June 13, I read a very positive, hopeful article about the Pittsburgh Promise ("Have Faith: Pittsburgh Will Rise With Promise").

Saleem Ghubril, executive director, talked about the opportunity that the Pittsburgh Promise provides to help young people live out their dreams through higher education. He also said the Promise was inclusive.

I would like to ask the funders of the Pittsburgh Promise to remember that all young people deserve an education and that includes young people with disabilities who may not want, or qualify for, a university education.

As a person who works to help young people with disabilities I would ask the Pittsburgh Promise to consider providing opportunities for education to young people who want to attend trade schools, certification programs and other skills training programs.

This would provide true inclusion to all of our young students who cannot afford the education or training that will make them employable and will enable them to live out their dreams.

This would be true inclusion.

Executive Director
Pittsburgh Disability Employment Project for Freedom



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