End this cruelty

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Regarding "Bird Brains: Why Shoot a Live Pigeon When Clay Would Do?" (June 24): I wanted to thank you for bringing this issue to your readers' attention. The editorial hit this right on the head -- is this a test of skill or just an excuse to pointlessly kill animals?

The National Rifle Association is claiming that passage of this bill will open the door to a complete ban on hunting in Pennsylvania and that the NRA doesn't believe in cruelty to animals. I think these pigeon shoots would strike most people as being a prime example of cruelty to animals (they're basically the same thing as a "canned hunt") rather than a traditional method of hunting.

I would urge anyone interested in seeing this archaic practice banned to contact their representatives in the state Legislature and ask them to support House Bill 1411 and Senate Bill 843.




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