Ungreen nonsense

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Jack Kelly's "Green Nonsense" column (July 5) references the Competitive Enterprise Institute, an anti-global-warming propaganda organization that receives 16 percent of its funding from ExxonMobil as part of a campaign to cast doubt on the scientific facts of global warming. ExxonMobil still funds this agenda even though in March the federal Environmental Protection Agency finally declared that the scientific evidence does in fact document global warming from fossil fuel consumption.

The Union of Concerned Scientists has documented ExxonMobil's propaganda, internal memos and financial contributions in its report, "Smoke, Mirrors and Hot Air." Mr. Kelly argues that since some Americans "don't see [global warming] as a serious problem" we should do nothing. This is nonsense, as is his ridiculous claim that we will in some way pay $100 to $3,900 per family (that's a big range -- and for what?) if we don't keep our heads in the sand.

But the fact is that stopping global climate change is important to our economy right now. Pennsylvania has experienced a documented increase in storms with extreme precipitation and expensive flooding every year for several years now. Industries such as trout fishing and maple syrup production require cool temperatures and clean air, and, yes, they are having problems already.

Ski resorts have closed due to the shorter snow seasons. Pennsylvania's dairy farmers are seriously researching expensive interventions such as air conditioning cattle barns to prevent loss of cattle from heat stress. Black cherry lumber stock, the concord grape industry and apple production are all cold weather dependent and will suffer if warming trends are not stopped.

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