Not bomb throwers

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Paul E. Francis' July 24 letter to the editor "Yes, PG Naivete" encapsulates the public's misinformation about anarchists.

In school I was taught that anarchists were persecuted and not let into the country at the turn of the century. Here's a real shocker -- anarchists are not bomb-wielding maniacs who delight in chaos and death.

Anarchists are lovers.

While the philosophies and practices of anarchists differ greatly, many want to move society away from one based on empty, alienating money relationships and toward a society based on love, mutual aid and the good of the individual as an integral part of the community.

Anarchy is not chaos, as the media would have the public believe, but rather, anarchy simply means "without rulers." I would guess that, after some introspection, most people would find that, inside, they are budding anarchists trying to break free of their Democratic or Republican shells.

Squirrel Hill


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