People deserve to know the true cost of reform

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

The health-care reform bill is viewed as betrayal by the Post-Gazette in its Aug. 18 editorial ("Public Betrayal? Obama Could Kill Health Reform With Compromise"), which presents a voice that is consistent with its liberal leanings.

In the editors' "collective opinion," they question the conservative conviction that private enterprise is more efficient than any that is run by our government.

In their combined logic they present the question of why conservatives fear government enterprise if it is not competitive.

This seems a reasonable question until you realize that governments do not allow or need to be competitive. Unlike private enterprise, they have an unlimited source of capital and can operate indefinitely without profit.

The Post-Gazette editors seem to be slightly uncollected in their opinions when only a few months ago they were proposing the elimination of state liquor stores because they were not competitive with private liquor stores in neighboring states.

History proves that governments do not remain static, and ours was changing long before the introduction of Social Security. No matter how we dread the word, this is socialism, as is any program that changes private charities into entitlements. Those so fearful must accept it and move forward.

We do need and will receive a new health-care bill full of legalese language not understood by laymen or our legislators. Senior citizens have satisfying health coverage and believe it needs to be extended to cover others who cannot afford it. We do, however, believe all Americans are entitled to a blackboard presentation of costs with a credible method of cost recovery.

The campaign of "hope and trust me" is no longer adequate.



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