Affects others' rights

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

To the American Civil Liberties Union and protesters: Yes, there is a constitutional right of freedom of speech. My problem with your interpretation is:

1. Why should the city of Pittsburgh pay for a place (parks) for protesters to camp? (This is a request that a judge denied, by the way.) If outsiders visit, they pay for their lodging.

2. Why should the city of Pittsburgh pay for the cleanup of these spaces?

3. Why should the businesses/schools feel they should shut down due to the fact that previous meetings of this kind have promoted destruction and chaos?

4. Why should protesters feel they have the right to wear masks? If this is what you believe in, why do you need to hide your face?

5. Have these protests changed anything that you are fighting for? Yes, it's your constitutional right to continue, but when you bring on all the above to the city holding these meetings, what about the rights of the citizens of these cities?

It is a privilege that we were chosen to hold the G-20 meetings, but those mentioned above have made it unbearable for those who live in PIttsburgh. They have as much as shut down our city when it could have shown the country what a wonderful place it is.

I hope the ACLU/protesters are happy with their objectives!


Mt. Lebanon


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