An unholy alliance

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

In what marks a new low in ecumenism and the direction of my church, Pope Benedict XVI has signaled the world like the Statue of Liberty ("Vatican Reaching Out to Anglicans," Oct. 21). Only this time, the inscription reads, "Give me your chauvinists, misogynists and homophobes, your huddled masses longing for yesteryear; those who just can't stand the sight of a woman or a gay priest anymore; send these bigots to me; I lift my satiny laced robes to welcome them."

This move will even allow disaffected married Anglican priests to become Roman Catholic priests. The dirty secret here is that Rome has been giving special dispensations for ordaining these reactionary-minded anti-woman anti-gay married men of the Anglican and Protestant cloth for years.

We have bishops and cardinals still enjoying the fruits of their clericalism after subjecting children to the sins of pedophiles over and over again. We have a church hierarchy investigating the saintly female religious in our country when they should be investigating themselves. The hierarchy is losing its teaching authority almost daily because it can't get over its fetish with two joined cells to forcefully support the poverty-ridden child without health care in Cleveland.

Thank God for the women religious of this country or else more of us would probably be ex-Catholics. Thank God for Pope John XXIII, who declared health care as a human right. Thank God for Pope John Paul II who said, "No to war!" Alas, we have gone from prophetic to pathetic.

To all you Anglicans, the grass isn't greener. To the hierarchy of my church, I say what any dog owner would understand: "Let's clean up our own yard before inviting others over to play."

Mt. Lebanon


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