Let’s be serious

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Name calling is a commonly employed technique to promote propaganda. When Andrew Potter takes on economist Jeff Rubin's views about resource scarcity (Forum Oct. 25) calling Mr. Rubin and others "peakniks" it was clear from the beginning the essay was going to be a less than honest argument.

The gist of Mr. Potter's argument is "the odds are we're going to figure things out" presumably as the result of innovation. Mr. Potter raises the collapse of fisheries worldwide. Does he really believe we'll be able to invent new fish? He is a former instructor in philosophy and so is presumably deliberately employing logical fallacies in this essay in the service of rhetoric. The essay is most persuasive in demonstrating Mr. Potter's disingenuousness. I should hope that in the future the Post-Gazette will publish serious attempts to engage the issues about resource scarcity.





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