Ravenstahl should create jobs instead of taxes

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Concerning the article "Ravenstahl Says He Has the Votes to Pass Pittsburgh Tuition Tax" (Nov. 19 Web): Once again, the government has mismanaged funds and looks to create a new tax to compensate the shortfall. Oh, how I wish that every time I suffered a financial backslide I could petition my employer to bequeath funds from the coffer. The quandary is, eventually you will bankrupt the system.

My daughter attends Duquesne University because we live within commuting distance. To stay in the dorm at the school would cost thousands more. Students' chances of procuring employment are less than auspicious, but job or not, they are obligated within six months to begin paying back loans.

Now, the mayor wants to put this tax on them. Between the constant inflation of college tuition and now a possible levy on education, I commission the mayor to effectuate jobs that provide a self-sustaining wage where no education is de rigueur!


Castle Shannon


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