Rest for customers

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

My wife and I went shopping in one of the neighborhood stores recently. I have a complaint, which is about not only this store but any other store.

The people who are responsible for making it more convenient for the handicapped and elderly are doing a very fine job with curb cuts for wheelchairs and parking for the handicapped. However, my complaint concerns a very low-cost improvement that could be made. Why not have more benches for the handicapped and elderly to rest in these stores?

Many of the stores are quite large and departments are scattered. I counted two benches in this huge store. When this store opened, it had at least five benches. I don't know why they took them out. This is a problem in all large stores. It can be a serious problem if you can walk only so far without resting. I think this should be brought to the companies' attention.




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