Unclear Altmire

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Rep. Jason Altmire's commentary defending his vote against health-care reform legislation was long on generalities and short on specifics ("Why I Voted No on Health Reform," Nov. 20). He claims that the major problem with the current system is out-of-control spending and that an inefficient system is unsustainable. Although he admits the proposed legislation would not add to the deficit, he contends that it is necessary "to change behavior through reforming the way health care is delivered and paid for." Rep. Altmire offers no suggestions about how that behavior is to be changed. I'm not even clear on whose behavior is to be changed.

While we wait for the members of Congress to work collaboratively and come up with solutions to the issues, I think the senators, representatives and all the congressional staff should forgo the generous health-care insurance that we taxpayers now provide for them. Perhaps they will then understand the consequences of their inability to do their jobs!




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