Giant silliness

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

I really like the new Giant Eagle Market District store in Robinson; it's very impressive with cool international aisles, impressive cheese and butcher departments, hot foods in the cafe, and most surprising, it sells beer! How awesome is that?

Not so fast. Instead of embracing progress, Giant Eagle took common sense and tossed it out the window. It's like that TV ad featuring Jerry Seinfeld. Remember the one where a cashier recognizes him but insists on ID for his check? Well, you better have a picture ID to buy beer here. They insist on ID from all customers, even gray-haired, wrinkled, long-toothed guys like me. My best-if-used-before date was a long time ago; it's plainly obvious some people are over 21!

This isn't about the beer. I got mine -- showed my military ID (Ret.) and bought two six-packs. It's the policy I'm after. On Veterans Day, the customer after me (with U.S. Navy tattoo) looked a few years older than me and was turned away -- no ID.

When I asked if this was store policy or the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board's, I was told: "Well, we do it the same as Wegmans: no ID, no sale." The Taliban clubs women who show off their ankles. Should we do the same? Where's the common sense?

Giant Eagle will try to play the safety and responsibility card and defer idiocy to the PLCB, but the bottom line is Giant Eagle came up with this house rule. Ohio Giant Eagle stores can spot the old guy and not demand his papers like the Gestapo. Here in Pennsylvania, we are silly to let stupidity rule the day.


New Wilmington


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