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Written by Rosa Colucci on .

I and everyone else have been following the "blackmail" of the nonprofits by the city of Pittsburgh officials ... but no one is looking at the bigger picture! Nonprofits, tax-exempt property, etc., are a problem that affects all cities and towns (and boroughs) across the state. It's a Philadelphia problem as well as a Pittsburgh problem. The solution is simpler and fairer than to impose an arbitrary tax on some portion of the perceived problem.

The problem is that the municipality where the people are provides the services (fire, ambulance, police, street maintenance and so on), but the cost is passed on to the people who live there.

When a town goes into Act 47, the act allows for a one-half percent wage tax on everyone who works in the town. This spreads the "pain" of paying for services to everyone who uses them. This would finance Pittsburgh's current problems into the future and we wouldn't see this again next year. And by making it statewide, no business would get a break by moving across the street to another town or borough. But this needs to be addressed at the state legislative level. So we probably won't see it!





The writer is chairman of the Homestead Planning Commission.


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