The tea party looks beyond this year's taxes

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Paul Vondra ("The Tea Partiers Should Thank Mr. Obama for Lowering Taxes," April 16 letters) saw his taxes fall in 2009, and therefore believes the tea party protesters are wrong to criticize President Barack Obama's policies. This is very shortsighted. He sees only a small, immediate benefit while ignoring the danger of great harm in the not too distant future.

When Mr. Obama took office, the national debt was about $10 trillion (half of that incurred by the spendthrift Bush administration). In just over a year, the Obama administration has increased it by more than $2 trillion, and trillion-dollar deficits are projected for at least the next three years.

This huge debt will inevitably result in much higher taxes, horrendous inflation or both, unless spending and borrowing are reduced sharply and soon.

Mr. Vondra assumes that because his taxes fell, everything is all right and the tax protesters must be liars or bigots. He is mistaken. The protesters are people who can see beyond their latest tax refund to the fiscal catastrophe that threatens our country.


Forest Hills


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