Praise the sisters

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

It seems to me that the bishop of Greensburg is suffering from a serious case of "kick the dog" syndrome ("Greensburg Bishop, Sisters at Odds Over Health Bill," April 16). I think that anger and frustration over the well-publicized struggle of the Catholic hierarchy with pedophile priests, those who have protected them and those who appear to have protected pedophiles is being taken out on congregations of women religious who have become more vulnerable as they age.

So much praise and deep thanks could be offered to communities of sisters who have faithfully served millions for many decades with little compensation or recognition. They deserve more respect than this public spectacle, unworthy of his office. It is difficult to see how such a shameful deflective tactic could restore trust in the moral authority or the image of the church.

This is very sad and disappointing.




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