Absurb blame

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Regarding the April 20 letter "Society Continues to Disrespect Women's Rights": Women need to be treated more respectfully, but to blame the church and Republicans is growing tiresome.

"Ben Roethlisberger's latest stupidity" is, in fact, his own fault. I agree that he's become self-indulgent, but he's a grown adult who makes his own decisions; therefore, he is responsible. To blame the church, Republicans and "certain outspoken elements of our society with their deluded influence" for his behavior is, at minimum, ignorant of other influential factors.

Perhaps society's focus on sex and gratification has something to do with the treatment of women that the writer describes. The purpose of sex, whether you frame it within nature or religion, is to reproduce. It's also enjoyable for most, but you cannot separate it from its purpose. Sex has other consequences and is abused by some. However, as far as I know, conservative entities are not solely, if at all, responsible for sending the message that we should all do it and it's our right to have it whenever we want.

As to relabeling those who are "anti-abortion" as "anti-women's rights," I struggle to respond. Life is sacred, no matter how small, and there has to be a better way to handle unwanted babies than to have them removed and discarded as trash. I do struggle with rape, incest and health of the mother issues, but many abortions happen because someone doesn't want the baby. Should we not treat the (possibly) tiny baby girl with the same respect that the grown woman deserves?




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