Any MCare surplus belongs to health providers

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Your Sept. 23 editorial "Hold the Applause" rather cavalierly accepts the notion that the funds from the MCare fund may be used to balance the as-yet-to-be-passed Pennsylvania budget.

These funds represent state-mandated assessments on health-care providers to cover the potential costs of large malpractice settlements. This money is derived almost exclusively from the health-care providers. Any surplus in such funds should be returned to health-care providers either in the form of lower future premiums or a direct rebate.

Instead, the state has chosen, in essence, to confiscate a portion of the surplus for a purpose never intended. We are thus witnessing the de facto excess taxation of a specific class of Pennsylvanians for sheer political expediency. The net effect of this will be to exacerbate even further the ability of the commonwealth to attract heath-care providers.

As a publication that professes a dedication to health-care access and to basic fairness, your acquiescence to the seizure of this money is, to say the least, disappointing.




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