EDITORIAL - What's that honey? The buzz about the summit has its sweet moments

Written by Susan Mannella on .

As the G-20 summit unfolded, Pittsburghers learned things that they might not have known otherwise -- for example, the flags of different countries, the importance of the bandana to anarchist chic, the difference between OC and tear gas and the existence of a beehive at the White House.

Count us among those who missed the news that the White House kitchen garden Michelle Obama had installed included the first beehive on the property. If Winnie the Pooh comes to the White House, we know where we can find him.

As it happens, this news came by way of another morsel of obscure trivia -- that the summit had a spousal gift program and Mrs. Obama had chosen for the gifts a one-of-a-kind porcelain tea set, White House honey and a honey vase.

It turns out that the White House bees have a beekeeper czar, but don't get mad about this because he might send a swarm to look for you. U.S. News & World reported in March that the First Beekeeper was a White House carpenter with an interest in beekeeping. While the rest of us may have missed it, this news left the nation's beekeepers abuzz with delight.

Bees, eh? And all the while, most of us thought that the White House was just a hornet's nest.


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