Animal behavior: A puppy is the victim of cruel pregame activity

Written by Susan Mannella on .

In Western Pennsylvania not much can approach the public's love of the Steelers. Probably not even a love of puppies. But the two became tragically intertwined in Bridgeville on Sunday before Pittsburgh took the field against the Kansas City Chiefs.

According to police, William Woodson, 22, argued with his girlfriend before the game about the behavior of her 13-week-old pit bull named Flip. Mr. Woodson complained that the dog wasn't "behaving" itself. One witness said he saw a 6-foot man identified as Mr. Woodson "launch" what looked like "a bowling ball with rags attached to it" 20 feet or so down the street.

Mr. Woodson's girlfriend wailed as her puppy hit the ground. Within minutes, Flip, dressed in Steelers' colors, was dead. The boyfriend retreated to a friend's house to watch the game. It was there that police arrested him for cruelty to animals.

Mr. Woodson posted bail, but he's not out of the woods. A conviction could bring him two years in jail and a $1,000 fine. That's meager punishment for such a depraved act of animal cruelty.


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