Great expectations for Palin/Biden

Written by Susan Mannella on .

Tom Waseleski

Don't you hate the expectations game? Last night CNN had Joe Biden reacting to the presidential debate performance (no Q&A with Sarah Palin, though; must have been meeting another foreign leader).

Anyway, Wolf Blitzer asked Biden about his debate in St. Louis next Thursday with Palin. The longtime senator with the reputation for being a talker immediately began saying how it was going to be a very difficult night because of Palin's strong debating skills. Huh?

We know Biden's not living on another planet, but raising Palin's pre-debate profile -- and expectations -- so that she'll have to do more than hold her own with him to be credited with a debate "win." C'mon, Joe, deal straight with us. And save your creative characterizations for the debate.

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