He owes the vets and his constituents an apology

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

As a Cranberry resident for 40 years, I think it's sad that Rep. Daryl Metcalfe has disgraced us ("Metcalfe Defends Harsh Talk About Vets on Climate," Oct. 21).

I am a veteran of the Vietnam and Korean wars and an inventor of a device that saves energy. I am appalled that state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe is so ignorant and intolerant that he would call veterans "traitors" because they support growing a clean energy economy. Operation Free is touring 22 states on a bus to talk about the national security threats of climate change and the importance of clean energy. They invited Rep. Metcalfe to join them at their Pittsburgh stop. He responded in writing, calling these veterans "traitors" to our country.

The world's scientists have warned that climate change will exacerbate the geo-political and humanitarian crises in unstable countries. Food, water and health emergencies caused by increasing drought, flooding and sea-level rise will create refugees and border encroachments even into the United States.

The American military will have to respond to many of these crises. Our energy security is also intricately linked to terrorism. Common sense tells us that lessening our dependence on foreign oil will lessen our dependence on unstable governments that control that oil.

Rep. Metcalfe owes the brave veterans of Operation Free and the people of his district an apology. We should always be looking to proactively protect our country to avoid future conflicts that put our military in harm's way. Mr. Metcalfe's service as a public official is what is truly in question.








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