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I read David Templeton's story "With Luck, a New Kidney" (Oct. 21 Health) while serving as chair of the World Diabetes Congress in Montreal. More than 12,000 attendees from 150 countries including researchers, doctors, nurses, health ministers, people with diabetes and many others are gathered in an attempt to improve diabetes care in their respective homes.

It was timely that a Pittsburgh colleague forwarded to me Mr. Templeton's personal story on living with diabetes. His touching article reaffirmed my belief that diabetes requires a team, with the person affected by diabetes at the center. As Mr. Templeton points out, diabetes, unlike many other diseases, is a self-management disease that requires daily decisions to be made regarding eating, exercise, monitoring and taking medications. Added on is the ever-looming threat of complications.

This means that people with diabetes need support from doctors, nurses, dietitians, pharmacists and many other specialists since diabetes also affects their eyes, kidneys and heart.

Mr. Templeton is part of the Pittsburgh diabetes team. People with diabetes rely on their family, friends and community. Mr. Templeton's candid message and ongoing coverage of diabetes in the Post-Gazette is greatly appreciated by the diabetes community at large.

Executive Director
University of Pittsburgh
Diabetes Institute


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