Fix-it logic

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Here is a simple analogy to ponder: If you lived on a street where 80 percent of the houses were affordable, were well-kept and satisfied the owners' family needs, and the other 20 percent were poorly kept, a shambles, unaffordable or had little value and needed a lot of attention, would there be a need to tear down and rebuild the entire neighborhood, just for the sake of uniformity, to satisfy the 20 percent of the owners who paid little or no attention to the ongoing needs or their problem?

I think not and would hope not.

So then why apply some similar misguided logic to what is labeled as a health-care problem? If a problem exists, fix that problem in a manner suitable to the circumstances that prevail, and leave intact that which requires no repair.

All Congress members and state legislators should hear this from citizens, and heed it.


Pleasant Hills


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