Red-light cameras spur rear-end accidents

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

I read with interest the Nov. 1 story "Cameras That Catch Red-Light Runners May Come to Pittsburgh."

I am a former northwestern Pennsylvania resident now living in the outskirts of Houston, Texas. Houston and many of the smaller locales here have installed red-light cameras in the interest of "safety."

Drinking and driving, speeding and red-light running are all problems here. I thought the red-light cameras would be a good solution to that issue.

However, it has created a new problem -- rear-end accidents. When the light is changing from green to yellow, a lot of folks here are stopping short to avoid possibly running the light. Unless one is paying close attention, you may be offered the opportunity to exchange insurance information with your fellow drivers.

Don't be too quick to allow these cameras into your city. However, the revenues from $75 per fine plus costs (fines locally in Texas) may be too attractive to your public officials to ignore.

Baytown, Texas


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