Why the fright?

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

For the second time in three days I have read a story in the Post-Gazette regarding the flu outbreak. Included with these stories were pictures of small children, one getting a flu shot (Oct. 25, front page) and screaming in agony and today (Oct. 28) where the young child was being held against his will by his father receiving the nasal flu vaccine. Both of these appear to be children terrified.

I have seen the same representation in both the print and TV media where a young child is used to highlight a flu story. I can't imagine how this might appear to the general public and young children about getting vaccinated. Why does the media, both TV and print, continually use pictures of young children being held against their will or screaming in agony to promote a story about the flu? C'mon, PG, you should have better things to fill the paper.



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