Rationing exists

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Sarah Palin is still at it, prattling on and on about rationed health care and the government "death panels" that Democratic proposals threaten. Those of us who have studied the issue know that it is all nonsense, of course.

That fact is, we have death panels already. We've had them for years.

They are the insurance industry, deciding who lives and dies based not on some hypothetical value to society but according to profitability.

Your treatment too expensive? Denied! Not on our list of approved drugs? Denied! Your physician or hospital doesn't play ball with us? Denied!

Birth defect? Denied! Internal bleeding because your boyfriend beat you? Well, domestic violence is now a pre-existing condition. Denied!

The insurance companies are rationing health care already -- to those who can afford to pay costly premiums and least likely to require services. It is those very death-panel abuses that health-care reform is being introduced to correct. Health care should be about making people well, not about making a select few rich.

If Sarah Palin wants to rant about death panels, let her. But she should at least properly name the guilty parties and not blame the ones trying to fix the problem.



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