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If you are like me, the pace of new music elements on the net is dizzying. I imagine there are millions of "radio" stations, thousands of players, tons of communities and hosting sites devoted to music and I probably am not far off. Just today I was told of a radio station with a channel for Christmas music (are you like me and cringe every time something comes on the net for fear it will blow your eardrums? I always listen with the 'phones halfway off -- I need these 'drums).

Even with classical music there's too much to mention, although I was happy to see this development: A site called which allows groups and musicians to post their concerts after the fact for those who missed them.

I think this is excellent. It's kinda like getting a bootleg tape, only recorded with professional equipment and posted right away -- no need to wait until your friend's older brother finally gets you a copy (yes, a little Dave Matthews Band and Phish in my past). I heard about it because I was under the weather this weekend and missed the NOW ensemble performing at Pitt. But the group posted it at (specifically, here) and I get to hear what I missed. Check it out.



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