His wrong reason

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

In Rep. Jason Altmire's Perspectives piece, "Why I Voted No on Health Reform" (Nov. 20), he explained his position. Although I agree with his vote, his reason for the no vote makes no sense.

On the other hand, Cleveland's Rep. Dennis Kucinich also voted no -- but for the right reason. Rep. Kucinich is pushing for a strong single-payer system, preferably Medicare for all. He makes the point that the current House bill reforms nothing significant while creating more profits for the insurance companies, basically leaving our system unchanged -- and unreformed.

My question to Rep. Altmire is, "How can you legislate doctors to make their patients well?" That's his plan for cost containment. The way we should allow doctors to make their patients well is by letting them do what they were trained to do. Give them full control of the decision-making process with their patients.

Rep. Altmire wants cost control. In a news conference, President Barack Obama made the remarkable admission that a single-payer system would be the most efficient and cost-effective. But then the White House pushed for its removal from the House bill -- also amazing.

The health insurance industry has an enormous amount of financial power. Is this why we should keep going with this burden that is bankrupting America?




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