Pathetic Palin

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

I read with bemusement the comments of those "fans" quoted in James O'Toole's article about the Sarah Palin book signing ("Palin Fans Turn Out in Droves for Autograph Session," Nov. 22). I just wanted to check a few things. This is the same Sarah Palin who:

* Insisted that candidates' families be "off limits" to the press, yet trotted out with regularity her child with Down syndrome during her failed vice presidential bid.

* Attended four colleges (one of them twice) in six years to earn a communications degree.

* Said that being able to see Russia from Alaska constituted foreign policy experience.

* Could not name a major news publication that she reads on a regular basis.

* Did not know what the Bush Doctrine was.

* Quit in the middle of her term as governor of Alaska.

* Is married to someone who belonged to a political party that advocates secession.

* "Pardoned" a turkey before conducting an interview with turkeys being decapitated in the background.

Just checking. Tea-baggers sure are gullible!




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