Why all the ‘righteous anger’ now?

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Local tea party leader Patti Weaver told the Post-Gazette that the racist epithets hurled by participants in her movement at members of Congress as they prepared to vote on the health insurance reform bill did not occur; she said the accusations are "a total lie" ("Tea Party Brews a ‘Really Inspiring' Day," April 16).

Reading that, I was reminded of the time when I broke my mother's lamp, playing with my friends in the living room, a half dozen witnesses. "Who did this?" "Oh, not me," I said, joined by all facing my mom. I didn't sit down for two days. Ms. Weaver, you are busted.

Steel workers appreciate "righteous anger," as radio commentator Rose Tennent told the tea party rally. We have a right to ask teabaggers: Where were you when LTV and 40 other steel and metal corporations cut off health care for a half million retired steel workers and their spouses? Where were you when 5.5 million manufacturing workers lost their jobs to the megabanks and unfair trade? Where were you when UPMC, sitting on billions of profits, closed Braddock hospital or Aliquippa hospital? Where were you when then President George W. Bush slashed taxes on the richest 1 percent, shifting the burden for schools, roads and bridges, etc., onto working and retired Americans who always pay their taxes? Where were you when then President Bush took our country to war in Iraq based on lies? Where was your "righteous anger," your rallies or your radio commentaries? Why were you silent?



The writer is a board member for Pennsylvania Steelworkers Organization of Active Retirees (SOAR)

United Steel Workers.  

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