Political cheap shot

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Shame on Mary Beth Buchanan for recycling that tired old cheap political charge that usually is reserved for working-mom candidates: the suggestion that Keith Rothfus should not be elected because he is a father of six and thus has "other responsibilities" that he "should be concerned about." ("Republicans Joust Over Their Conservatism," April 18).

As a mother of small children, I would hope that in this day and age we would be beyond placing arbitrary limitations on those who are blessed with children. This is precisely the hypocrisy employed by those who attacked Sarah Palin in the last election for being a working mother. I find it equally offensive when this type of attack is used against working fathers as well as working mothers. How do we further the interests of families by excluding all parents of young children from the public square?

Keith Rothfus' success in balancing work and family is another reason he is eminently more qualified than Ms. Buchanan.

I also had to chuckle when I read that Ms. Buchanan told the Post-Gazette, "I never heard of Keith Rothfus before I entered the race. I don't even know him ... ." Putting aside the breathtaking arrogance of that statement, it is clear that she does not want to fight for the nomination but believes it should be handed to her. Keith Rothfus is the ultimate citizen candidate, leaving the security of a successful private sector position to offer his talents to the public. Ms. Buchanan is looking for her next government job.

It is time for Ms. Buchanan finally to get some private sector experience.




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