No backseat judges

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

I'm not in the sympathy column as a now 12-year-old boy, Jordan Brown, is accused of killing his father's pregnant girlfriend in 2009. In an April 4 letter, Walt Weaver says he "will cry with this boy" ("Trying This Boy as an Adult Is a Tragic Injustice"). On April 11, letter writer Angie Bucar said, "I cried, too" ("Reverse This Decision").

I have no sympathy for any of the adults who may have contributed to or failed to take appropriate actions that may have prevented this unforgiveable act of violence.

Yet it is the prosecution, having the evidence, that makes the call whereby we are nothing more than backseat drivers. The call by Mr. Weaver - as a backseat driver - for the boy to be kept "with his father and mandating counseling" is what is off the mark!

To those who are not judges and who fail to grasp the intricacies of our law and the application thereof - claiming that one of Lawrence County's best judges (Judge Dominick Motto) has "made himself both judge and jury before any trial" and "should retire" - your outcry and question as to where is the sanity and the justice is again backseat driving.

The result to be strived for is to assure that there should be no further victims and justice must be served. Mr. Weaver and Ms. Bucar are not driving the car and their views are from the backseat.


New Castle


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