'Farscape' comic zooms in for Christmas

Written by Sharon Eberson on .

farscape comic coverOne thing about this multimedia world -- nothing is every really kaput, and "cancelled" isn't necessarily the final word. All you need is the designation "cult favorite," and you're bound to return in another form.

In the case of "Farscape," the sorely missed Sci Fi Channel series, the next incarnation is comic books. OK, I was hoping for the promised Webisodes that have been put on hold since the writers' strike. But if these comic books have a good pedigree, so I'm hopeful.

Creator Rockne O'Bannon is among the collaborators bringing back John Crichton, his new Mrs., Aeryn, and their son, D'Argo, named for their beloved friend who died in battle, and others who were left standing at the end of the 2004 miniseries, "The Peacekeeper Wars." There's a sneak peek of the comic books over at

 The comic books are due in stores just in time for the holidays, on Dec. 24.

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