Pittsburgh lawyer who 'thinks like a criminal'

Written by Kim Lyons on .

Pittsburgh attorney Daniel Muessig says he "thinks like a criminal..."



Mr. Muessig, 32, grew up in Squirrel Hill, and wanted to find a way to reach the clients he hopes to represent. He said he's been getting a lot of feedback since posting this to YouTube Wednesday night, and it's been "overwhelmingly positive," including several new clients.

"Whatever people say about the content of the ad, it's artfully done, and professionally done," he said. He reiterated that all the people in the ad are actors using props, and no one committed any crimes while making the spot.

He doesn't seem overly concerned about negative feedback, since, as he says, it was done "tongue in cheek."

Advertising in the legal profession has become "ossified," he added, and the recent crash in the job market for new lawyers has changed things a lot. "You have to be able to show what kind of lawyer you are and what you'll do to connect with people, and let them know about the service you'll provide them."

He calls fellow attorney Edgar Snyder the "godfather of savvy advertising, especially in our region of the country. He built an excellent law firm that gets good results for his clients."

Mr. Muessig works with Pittsburgh defense attorney Patrick Nightingale, who he said has taught him a lot.

He added that his comment "I'm Jewish" at the end of the commercial is a statement of pride. "Look, I'm Jewish, I'm proud of it, and I'm going to own it. I'm proud of the overrepresentation of my ethnicity in the legal profession."



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